The invitation everyone wants
but only you receive
The invitation everyone wants
but only you receive


Members of the IGY Member Collective will have access to a variety of private members-only yacht clubs around the globe. Cannes. Costa Smeralda, Mallorca. Monaco. The most exclusive clubs in the most treasured locations.


As an IGY Trident Club member, you’ll step into a world of exclusivity, where curated events and extraordinary experiences await you—both on and off the yacht.
Exclusive Parties: Imagine mingling with fellow yacht enthusiasts under starlit skies, sipping champagne, and sharing stories of ocean adventures. Our member events are meticulously crafted for discerning tastes.
Private Concerts: Set sail to the rhythm of live music. From intimate jazz performances to electrifying rock shows, our private concerts elevate your yachting experience.
Intimate Social Gatherings: Connect with like-minded individuals in elegant settings. Whether it’s a sunset cocktail reception or a gourmet dinner, these gatherings foster lasting friendships.
Welcome aboard the IGY Trident Club—where every moment is an invitation to create memories that last a lifetime.


Event Access

Access to extraordinary member events and experiences around the globe – invitations to exclusive parties, private concerts and intimate social gatherings


Access to extraordinary experiences and private events from IGY and luxury lifestyle brands available both on- and off-yacht

Communication Ecosystem

Access to the first ever communication ecosystem of superyacht owners through a variety of channels
Bespoke Experiences created and offered exclusively for Trident members & Crewmembers
At the heart of every superyacht voyage are the dedicated crewmembers who work tirelessly to create a curated lifestyle for owners and guests. The IGY Trident Club recognizes unwavering commitment and ensures they experience memorable moments. Samples of event and experiences have been:
Miami Heat Game or F1 Miami Grand Prix:
Crewmembers get a taste of the sporting world. Picture them cheering at a Miami Heat game or watching their favorite F1 driver, their spirits lifted by the thrill of competition.
Barcelona Hot Air Balloon Ride
When time allows, the crewmembers embark on adventures beyond the yacht. Imagine floating above Barcelona’s countryside in a hot air balloon and ending the day in a local countryside restaurant.
Winery Tour with Wine Tasting:
In picturesque ports, crewmembers savor life’s finer things. They explore vineyards, learn about winemaking, and indulge in tastings—each sip a celebration of their hard work.
Crewmember Dinner in Old Port of Cannes
Welcomed by staff anticipating their arrival, crewmembers get to experience a finer dining experience in a beautiful port with a night to relax and savor the local cuisine.
The IGY Trident Club truly values the hardworking crewmembers who contribute tirelessly to the superyacht experience. By providing them with these memorable moments, we not only enhance their well-being but also strengthen the bonds that make every voyage exceptional.
F1 Grand Prix Miami
Private IGY-hosted concerts
Cannes Film Festival
America’s Cup
Monaco Yacht Show
Art Basel Miami

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    trident collective general conditions:

    Non-members are NOT assured of berth space. Transient reservations during high season are not available more than 10 days out and non-members may not be assured of space for the entire desired duration of stay.