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Exclusively for Trident Members, Forbes Travel Guide, the global leader in 5-star hospitality service standards, has meticulously crafted a comprehensive training curriculum tailored for the yachting community. This specialized program certifies both crewmembers and the yacht itself, ensuring that every aspect of luxury hospitality meets the discerning standards synonymous with a 5-star Forbes Travel Guide establishment.
The curriculum covers a range of essential topics, including:

Luxury Hospitality Standards: Crewmembers will delve into the intricacies of providing impeccable service, anticipating guests’ needs, and maintaining the highest level of excellence.
Team Building: Effective teamwork is crucial on a superyacht. The training emphasizes collaboration, communication, and synergy among crewmembers.

Conflict Resolution: Handling conflicts gracefully is an art. Crewmembers will learn techniques to resolve disputes and maintain a harmonious onboard environment.

Personalized Service: Understanding individual preferences and tailoring experiences accordingly is paramount. The curriculum guides crewmembers in creating memorable moments for owners and guests.

Positive Experiences: From arrival to departure, every interaction matters. Crewmembers will master the art of curating positive, unforgettable experiences for those aboard.

Welcome to a world where excellence is not just a goal—it’s the standard. The IGY Trident Club’s commitment to exceptional service extends beyond the yacht itself, ensuring that every moment is extraordinary.

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Forbes Travel Guide is the only global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants and spas. Their anonymous professional inspectors evaluate based on up to 900 objective standards, with an emphasis on exceptional service, to help discerning travelers select the world’s best luxury experiences. The only way to secure a Five-Star, Four-Star or Recommended rating is by earning it through Forbes’ independent inspection process.


Professional Curriculum

Access to proprietary crewmember service training and professional development curriculum created specifically for superyacht crewmembers

Marketing + Promotion

Individual crewmembers and yachts receive designation from Forbes Travel Guide that can be used for marketing and promotion once 75% of crewmembers have been trained

Training Programs

Forbes plans to develop a more formal training accreditation program that includes recurrent training, continuing education and leadership development programming


Accreditation would belong to the individual and live via a personalized certificate that they can leverage across the industry, highlighting credentials while promoting career development

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    trident collective general conditions:

    Non-members are NOT assured of berth space. Transient reservations during high season are not available more than 10 days out and non-members may not be assured of space for the entire desired duration of stay.