Changing the Economics of Ownership

Changing the Economics of Ownership

Trident brings together all of the essentials of superyacht operations, maintenance and support – berthing, fuel, accounting, insurance and provisioning. Trident then onboards valuable services – crew training and support, health and wellness, as well as lifestyle benefits in and around IGY’s marinas. Beyond integration and quality, in each functional area are substantial discounts available only to Trident members.

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The IGY Trident Ecosystem
Trident is a collection of industry-leading services integrated to provide a single source to optimize the economics and experiences that accompany superyacht operations. Fifteen years in the making, Trident is founded on the global foundation of IGY along with a curated collection of the leading names in yachting, all created and reserved by invitation for just 30 owners.

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the most exclusive and valuable membership on earth
Trident is as visionary as it is panoramic in range and depth … delivering on the economic prerequisites its members expect, and services to treasure – orchestrated in a way never before possible. It is a defining moment in yachting.

customized services from the most experienced, trusted names in yachting. exclusively yours with igy trident.

A Priceless Membership

The Experience Begins with Economics

IGY Trident empowers captain and crew to operate in an extraordinary fashion – an integration of defining services from wellness to fuel – a spectrum of essentials – that redefine the economics of yacht ownership – a membership that pays dividends both tangible and intangible.

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    trident collective general conditions:

    Non-members are NOT assured of berth space. Transient reservations during high season are not available more than 10 days out and non-members may not be assured of space for the entire desired duration of stay.