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Welcome to the world of seamless bunkering globally. As an IGY Trident member, you gain access to value-added fuel services through our partnership with World Fuel Services.
Competitively-priced fuel and lubricant solutions tailored to your specific needs – World Fuel Service’s experts suggest the best places to take on fuel before you set off, or even while you are underway. Their long-standing supplier relationships mean you get guaranteed premium quality fuel at a competitive pricing.
Expertise in Duty and Tax Regulations for cost-effective fueling – World Fuel Service’s expert knowledge means they know the most cost-effective places to refuel your Superyacht, tailored to your precise needs.
Specialist technical knowledge and support 24/7, anywhere in the world – Even if you’re in the middle of the ocean, our technical team is on hand 24/7 to help. World Fuel Service’s team will walk the crew through the steps to get to the root of any problem.
Carbon-Neutral Fuel Program – World Fuel Services has the unique capability to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Through World Kinect Energy Services, our sustainability brand, we can ensure you maximize your carbon strategy today by purchasing fuel bundled with carbon offsets. We have made it easy to manage both your carbon exposure and disclosure through your everyday purchase of fuel.
Aviation fuel for helicopters
Tailored route planning to save time and money – Fuel up, sail forth, and let the world be your playground.



World Fuel Services is a global energy management company involved in providing energy procurement advisory services, supply fulfillment, and transaction and payment management solutions to IGY Trident members. The World Fuel network includes 8,000 locations in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.
A prominent benefit for Trident member vessel is a complementary carbon offset credit for all World Fuel purchases.


Through its strategic partnership with World Fuel Services, Trident Members will access impressive benefits outside the IGY Marina network, including a proprietary “global fuel concierge” service.”


World Fuel

Access to global fuel bunkering program with IGY Trident member pricing including access to World Fuel’s dedicated superyacht fuel dock in Gibraltar

Payment Terms

Advantageous credit and payment terms

Duty & Taxes

Expertise in duty and tax regulations to ensure cost-effective fueling

24x7 Technical Support

Access to 24x7 technical team for guidance on fuel requirements and advice on use and/or issues of fuel products

Route Planning

Tailored route planning resources to save time and money to maximize fuel economy

Invoices and Reporting

Access to proprietary invoicing and reporting systems specific to fuel and lubricants

Supply Vetting

Local supply vetting for quality assurance

Aviation fuel

Aviation fuel for helicopters

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    Non-members are NOT assured of berth space. Transient reservations during high season are not available more than 10 days out and non-members may not be assured of space for the entire desired duration of stay.